Arnie and I had a wonderful time with Bill Moller on WGN-AM yesterday. Have a listen!


Here we are in the fishbowl studio on the ground floor of the Tribune Tower, which was a fabulously Chicago-esque experience.


Bill kept the two of us on our toes by occasionally asking each of us questions from the other person’s knowledge base, but that was a nice change of pace. My voice was sounding OK but I have GOT to cut down on my UHMMs and AHHs, which will happen as I get more acclimated to these interview deals. I can’t wait to do a long form interview some time where I don’t have to be so conscious about cramming the point in before time runs out.

After the interview Arnie and I got our picture taken with The Twinkie Kid and headed underground for a breakfast Cheezborger at The Billy Goat. A quintessentially Chicago morning!