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In another incredibly huge honor, Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition has been selected to be one the books included in the 2014 Illinois Reads Program!

Illinois Reads is a statewide program to promote reading amongst all Illinois citizens. It is under the auspices of  the  Illinois Reading Council and in conjunction with the Illinois State Library, State Librarian and Honorary Chair Jesse White (whose Secretary Of State Office funds the literacy effort under which I volunteer tutor).



I can’t begin to state how excited I am by this development. As a volunteer ESL/ABE tutor, Universal Literacy is a cause near and dear to me, so this is an especially heartfelt honor. It is also wonderful for the book itself, which I had hoped would become a textbook of sorts, and this definitely puts it well on the way to that status.

Many thanks to The Illinois Reading Council, my co-author Arnie Bernstein, my publisher Chicago Review Press, the State Library and Librarian, and anyone else who had a hand in the section process. I’m greatly looking forward to the festivities and kickoff ceremony on Wednesday, March 12 down in Springfield!



Part 2 of my ABC 7 interview segments aired last month, and it features even more of my waxing rhapsodic about Chicago Film:



And here is Part 1 in case you missed it:


It has been such a thrill to be a part of such fantastic tributes to the Chicago Production Industry. I sincerely hope these segments bring even more recognition to what a wonderful place Chicago is to make a film or television show. Please share with everyone you can and help once again make Chicago the worldwide production hub that it was in the early 1900’s (when 1 out of every 5 films was made here)!


Oh Yeah— And BUY MY BOOK!!! 😉


Another blogger positively reviewed HOLM 2- but this one inadvertently “outed” me with a link on my name so I might as well just come clean about it. When I was VERY young and impressionable…uhhhhm this is sooo embarrassing… I was a Civil War General.

There, I feel SOOO much better now that I got that off my chest!

HOLM 2 Book Cover

Confession really is good for the soul!

I forgot to draw attention to this nice little mention of Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition on the website Pure Wow. It was posted in June by writer/journalist Lara Levitan:


Check out the piece here.

HOLM 2 Book Cover

Have you bought it yet? Well get on it, Internet!!!

The positive reviews keep coming!!!

First this one that Lori A May penned for


And this one from the excellent blog Chicago Review Of Books:


Makes the old inner child feel all gushy!!!