The wheels of the publishing industry grind slowly but grind they have. Chicago Review Press has taken over the contract and Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition will be coming out Spring/Summer of 2013, most likely in June.

Depending on what the marketing people say (YES! A real publishing company with actual marketing people. Hosanna!!!!) I may be reviving chicagocinema.net again as the official site for HOLM 2, or it may become a general interest local arts/film/culture blog which often plugs HOLM 2.

Either way I will be doing something with this site again, dear reader.


Feel free to leave a comment if there is anybody out there that still checks in.

Regards to you, INTERNET!!! Ciao!

Things have not been finalized, but I have gotten word that a White Knight has emerged to rescue HOLM 2 (as I lovingly call it) from the depths of “economic downturn in the publishing industry” limbo and we should see a release in the Fall of 2012. I will know more in the next couple weeks and will revive the site (and continue the China stories) if it turns out to be the case.

You may have noticed that my posting has dropped precipitously in the past couple months. This has been due to the fact that in November of 2009, Lake Claremont Press “indefinitely delayed” the release of Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition.

Since the main point of this blog is to publicize the book, I’ve decided to suspend posting on this site until further notice.

I’ll be flying to China in February for a long Asian travel sojourn and will be back in early May. Perhaps by then there will be something definite on the book release.

I will resume the blog and start posting again once there is a firm release date from the publisher.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the creation of the book and in the launch of this site, plus those of you who’ve been stopping by.

See You All Soon!!!

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