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Big thanks to everyone who made my Printers Row Lit Fest appearance such a HUGELY fun time!!! From my fellow panelists to the folks in attendance- and particularly the army of bright and helpful young folks who are the engine that makes that huge machine run.

It was an incredible and somewhat surreal experience, like being called from the mud pit at Lollapalooza to go up onstage and jam with the band.

Thanks again to everyone who made it possible!!!





Yes, this day has finally arrived!!! I appear with Arnie and Robert K Elder at Printers Row Lit Fest at 1PM today.

Those of you who clicked for tickets need to show up at least 20 minutes in advance to get your seat in the room- and those who missed out on the “ticket clicking” can just wait in line and you will be seated once all the ticket holders have been seated and the 20 minutes before presentation deadline has passed.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all!!!


Now’s the time to get those tickets.


THANK YOU, CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are now able to click for your free tickets to see Arnie Bernstein, Robert K Elder and I drop some filmic science upon the Printers Row Lit Fest on Sunday, June 9 at 1PM. DO IT NOW BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!!



This is the hot ticket of the Fest! Way hotter than Sting. Tiny bit hotter than Judy Blume. 😉

I may stand out a little amongst the sophisticated stylish crowd at Printers Row Lit Fest.


I had been waiting until the details were finalized before I posted about this, but now I am shouting it from the proverbial highest roof!


Printers Row Lit Fest Panel Discussion

Michael Corcoran, Arnie Bernstein, and Robert K. Elder

Sunday, June 9. 1PM
University Center Multimedia Room
525 S State St.

Tickets are required and will be available May 27th.

Moderator: Chicago Tribune Columnist Nina Metz


Of course, that may not be the order in which the Printers Row folks have it billed 😉

Robert K. Elder is a brilliant journalist, author and film critic who also has a book coming out with Chicago Review Press in June entitled The Best Film You’ve Never Seen: 35 Directors Champion the Forgotten or Critically Savaged Movies They Love.

He and Arnie will provide the gravitas and I will be bringing the bluster. We will discuss some overlooked and/or forgotten films and directors.

This is seriously starting to seem surreal to me. I am half expecting my third grade nun to suddenly walk into the room or for me to open my back door and have it lead to a red-curtained room with a dancing, reverse-speaking dwarf.

For those few of you who may not know, Printers Row Lit Fest is kind of the Lollapalooza of the Midwest literary scene. Scores of hugely famous (e.g. Judy Blume) and unknown (e.g. Me) authors, hundreds of publishers, and thousands of bibliophiles converge on the South Loop Area for an immense celebration of the printed word.

I would have been thrilled just to be appearing in a little tent along Dearborn Street, but to be indoors in the lovely air-conditioned confines of University Center is just about as good as it gets for the likes of me. Damn, this may even be recorded and televised on CSPAN! So I will perhaps be able to tell myself (instead of some public policy wonk) to “shuuut the hell up” while absently flipping through channels on a Saturday afternoon.

Tickets are free but on a “first click- first served” basis, so start your last week in May off by ordering some before you have your morning porridge.