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My appearance on WGN Radio 720 with Matt Bubala is now up on the web!!! Click Here To Listen



It was ALMOST as fun as jumping up and down on the bed singing rock songs into a hairbrush, but not quite! 😉

Talking about Chicago History and taking calls from listeners; it doesn’t get much better than that. I was in Pontification Heaven! A huge Thank You to Matt Bubala and everybody at WGN!!!

Attention Night Owls and Children of The Darkness:

I will appearing on WGN Radio 720 at 3 AM CDT tonight. That’s 3 AM CDT Sunday, September, 1.


Host Matt Bubala and I will be discussing Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition and Chicago Film, my life as a Chicago Tour Guide, my extreme obsession with the Columbian Exposition Of 1893, and whatever else that comes up during what should be a fun and fascinating hour. Drink some extra coffee (or whatever you need) and stay up late and tune in!!!


I am more than a little bit excited at the chance to hold forth at length about things I love.

Hopefully WGN is going to podcast it and make it available on the web for those disloyal wusses who don’t wish to stay up till 4AM. I will endeavor to be so fabulous that they feel compelled to do so!

UPDATE: The appearance was a wonderful time!!! Talking about Chicago, taking calls, answering questions… I felt like a celebrity or something! I will try and get a link to the segment and/or find some way for everyone to hear it.