Hey Columbian Exposition Fans!

I will be going out of town in a blaze of Historical Lecturing Glory with three Columbian Exposition presentations (at three separate Mather’s More Than A Cafe locations) set before I depart:

June 29 at 2:15 PM. (3225 N. Central)
The Midway Plaisance (Part 2).

July 10 at 1 PM (33 E 83rd St)
The Columbian Exposition Virtual Tour (Part 1)

July 13 at 1 PM (7134 W. Higgins)
The Foreign Buildings (Part 4)

I’ll also be posting about them individually as the dates approach. Also doing three more Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition Presentations that I’ll be flogging as well.

BTW- I’ll give a Special Rate if anyone wants to host Part 3 (The State Buildings) in their apartment! 

That would actually be pretty easy if you have a computer-enabled TV and PowerPoint on your system. Have a Chicago History Party!!!