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The Chicago Tonight segment was an absolute blast!!! Check it out here.


Doing live television is SUCH a trip! I kept thinking of that scene with Peter O’Toole in My Favorite Year– “You mean everything goes into the camera and then just spills into people’s homes??!!”

It’s like an incredibly fast improv game that is very challenging to keep on top of- and all you want to do is not say anything completely stupid as the “game” flies by at light speed.

In fact at one point my tongue gets WAY ahead of my brain and I credit John Hughes with Risky Business instead of Paul Brickman. Such is the rough and tumble nature of live TV– No “do overs!”

It was a fabulous time though and all in all I acquitted myself rather well. And of course Arnie was the consummate pro as always!

Many thanks to Phil Ponce and everyone at Chicago Tonight!


The hits just keep on comin!. Arnie and I are on the venerable Chicago PBS news digest Chicago Tonight to discuss the history and present of film in Chicago.

“Hollywood on Lake Michigan”

Chicago Tonight | July 11, 2013  7 pm

A new book takes a look at how Chicago became a leading lady on the silver screen. Hollywood on Lake Michigan looks at the city’s role in developing cinema throughout the past 100 years. Authors Michael Corcoran and Arnie Bernstein join us on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm.




I had to do something to make this post more visually interesting- so here’s a wacky photo from the internet. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for the emotional over-saturation of the psyche engendered by electronic media.