Solver Of Unsolvable Problems

My non-linear mind and ability to see patterns allows me to facilitate solutions when all ideas have failed.

This is a talent I’ve had since early childhood but didn’t think much about until High School, when two virtual strangers came to our house and begged me to accompany them to a nearby farm, where a tractor was mired in a ditch with a large crowd arrayed around it.

I don’t have to be familiar the discipline and/or technology involved.

Here’s How It Works:

Explain or show me the problem.

The questions I ask in order to understand the situation may quickly spark you to have an idea which leads to a Solution. If not, keep explaining the entire width & breadth of the problem to me.

Then explain what’s been tried before and what you almost tried but didn’t for some reason. Often that Q & A sparks a Solution.

If not, I think for a period of time (from a few minutes to a couple hours) and devise a Brilliant Solution (BS) that rarely works.

But the process of explaining why my BS won’t work often inspires a Solution. Or my asking questions about the deficiencies of my BS does. If not, I think again and devise a new BS and the process begins all over— but eventually the problem is solved or a workaround is devised.


Q-How long will it take?

A- Usually a day. I’ve never had the process go for more than three brilliant solutions.

Q- Do you have references?

A- Absolutely Not. Often these are situations where confidentiality is of paramount. Most people come to me in confidence because someone has told them about me.

But I once devised a plan that enabled a small community group in Beat 2424 of Rogers Park to pressure a large Vice Lord crack operation to briefly relocate to South Evanston. I can discuss and you can ask around.

Q- How much will it cost?

A- Depends on who you are and what you’re doing. Maybe nothing, maybe a barter, maybe an exorbitant sum of money.

Or you can just continue on with your unsolvable problem…

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