I have been hosting a monthly performance night at the Frankenstone Art Center since December; and they have grown from a round table gathering/Paris Salon sort of thang into an actual Open Stage Hootenanny with poets, singers, storytellers, musicians, and even a dancer at the February incarnation of this event that has no name.

As someone who performs in several genres (poet, storyteller, comic, singer/musician) this hosting opportunity has been a wonderful way for me to blow the dust off my performance skill set. I have been trying to imbue the proceedings with a sense of respect for all forms of expression and create a safe space where people can feel comfortable expanding their boundaries and trying new things.

My benchmark of success was always how many people there were who either tried performing/reading for the first time, performing in a new genre,  or were at least trying out a new song or piece. And from the first night, when two poets who had never read their work in public before did so with great gusto, that goal has been continually attained and I am pleased as proverbial punch about it.

This next one should be equally awesome, so stop on by and either enjoy the show or be a part of it!

The Frankenstone Art Center is at 3310 W Foster. Festivities begin at 7PM.

Stay tuned for news about the two open stages set for April in honor of National Poetry Month!