I just wanted to plug an event that some good friends of mine are putting on this Saturday in Wicker Park.

It shall feature some very inventive young bands, experimental video and graphics, and even yours truly (under my performing pseudonym). I’ll be doing a narrative story piece or two (something I haven’t done in a few years) and a lyric visionary poem (something I haven’t done in a few decades). It’s going to be a little harrowing for me since I’m a bit out of practice, but it will be quite nice to knock the dust off my shamanism (as it were).

The whole event promises to be very arty, free-wheeling, and more than a tad wacky (in a Flaming Lips kind of way); not to mention rather loud, intense, and raucous at times. So leave your bourgeois sensibilities at home and don’t forget your earplugs (unless you’re used to that sort of thing).

Come on down, it’s gonna be a lot of fun!