“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…!”

John McClane

“You’ve got a full-time job taking care of yourself!”

John Corcoran


It’s not just the Trumpers and low-info dolts who are the cultists.

EVERYBODY in America has been brainwashed in one way or another.

Programmed with bad ideas and bogus thought systems that cloud our sense of reality.

ESPECIALLY the “smart” and/or well-educated people who call themselves Progressives/Liberals/Leftists.

They laugh at all those funny dumb poor people and how their cherished delusions cause them to fall prey to hucksters and grifters and to not see reality.

But their thinking is just as clouded by delusions and insane fantasies- just of a different sort.

Like a rich cocaine addict laughing at a poor crack head.

Yeah, you may APPEAR to have it together because your clothes are nice and your teeth aren’t falling out.

But you’re ingesting the same poison as they are (just in a different & less concentrated form) and your life has spun out of control just as much as theirs.

And you’ll both be dead soon if you don’t stop.