Big Birthday Fun!

FRIDAY, May 10 at 7 PM

Independence Tap

3932 W Irving Park Rd

May Is FINALLY Here And We’ll Be Throwing Down An Epic Jam/Hootenanny/Open Mic To Celebrate!

And Since May 10 Falls Exactly Between Our Birthdays, Stann And I Are Going To Make It A Birthday Celebration For Us & All May Birthday Babies!

Raise Your Voice High!

You Know How It Works:

Stann Champion Shall Host And Provide Musical Genius, I Shall Assist And Provide A Multitude Of Performance Genres.

Great Poets, Storytellers, Musicians, Comics, And All & Sundry Forms Of Performer Shall Be In Evidence.

And YOU Shall Be There Showing Off Your Talent And/Or Enjoying The Fun!!!

All Styles, All Genres, All Forms— All People Welcome!!!

So Come On Down And Get Down!!!

Sign Up & Start At 7PM.

Switch It Out For A REAL Mic!

The Independence Tap is a great space and this night is perfect for working out new material and expanding horizons as an Artist/Performer.

When Stann and I host Open Stages we create an atmosphere of respect for all genres of performance where Artists can feel safe and secure. [No stylistic cliquishness OR DISRESPECT allowed!]

Our greatest joy comes from seeing someone perform for the first time or watching an Artist try out a new genre: a Musician doing Storytelling, a Storyteller doing Stand-Up, a Poet playing Music, a Stand-Up reading a poem…

The Place Where The Boundaries Meet & Overlap Is Where True Magic Happens.

And there is nothing like the feeling of opening a door into a new room in the mansion of your soul— SO COME ON DOWN & GO ON UP!!!