Milestones And A New Beginning For Stann Champion


2017 Shall Be A Big Year For Chicago Music Legend Stann Champion

In 2016, Chicago Music Awards made guitarist/vocalist/composer Stann Champion a Lifetime Achievement Honoree for his role in establishing the Chicago Reggae scene in the 1970’s & 80’s with bands such as Gypsy-Fari and Safari, then pioneering the Tropical Roots sound in 1987 with his band, Roots Rock Society.

As the venerable multiple award-winning Roots Rock Society celebrates their 30th Year, Champion looks to the future by reaching into his past.

Spurred on by his Lifetime Achievement Honor and to commemorate the “RRS 30” Anniversary, Stann has begun a new project, Stann Champion’s Propaganda Machine. The Propaganda Machine marks a return for Champion to the music that first inspired him as a boy.

The Propaganda Machine plays a hot mix of Classic Chicago Blues, 1960’s Garage Rock, and 1940’s Jump Blues. These are the songs Stann played along with in his bedroom as a teenager while dreaming of becoming a musician. These torrid tunes are interspersed with originals from Champion and Harmonica/Vocalist Michael Hollywood. Bassist David Bernstein and Drummer Dave Smith (also the rhythm section for Roots Rock Society) complete this tight ensemble.

Stann wishes to announce a series of shows/events in 2017 Celebrating 30 Years of Roots Rock Society and the Launch of Stann Champion’s Propaganda Machine; beginning with these two in February:


Stann Champion’s Propaganda Machine

Independence Tap

3932 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago

Saturday, February 18

8 PM

Stann Champion’s Propaganda Machine (L to R): Stann Champion- Guitar, Vocals; David Bernstein- Bass; Michael Hollywood- Harmonica, Vocals; Dave Smith- Drums



Roots Rock Society

Roots Room

5203 N Kimball Ave, Chicago

Saturday, February 25

7 & 10 PM

Roots Rock Society (L to R): David Bernstein- Bass, Vocals; Dave Smith- Drums; Judy Director- Keyboards, Vocals; Stann Champion- Guitar, Vocals.




Roots Rock Society’s most recent Album is entitled “TimeBless” and is available at Rolling Stone Records, the RootsRoom, and RRS Live shows.


Coming Soon: Stann Champion’s Propaganda Machine is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming single, “The Midnight Rocker.”


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