As those who’ve known me for a long time are aware of, I generally have tried my best throughout my life to “walk it like I talk it.”


As those who know me on social media are aware of, I have been doing a LOT of talking in the last few years.


I have grown tired of “liking” memes about following your dreams, doing that thing which scares you, following your bliss, living your art, embracing your destiny, becoming your best possible self, going where you are celebrated and not staying where you are tolerated etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…


I have grown REALLY tired of seeing jets flying overhead out of O’Hare and wishing I was on them.


Last week I purchased a one-way plane ticket to Berlin and will be leaving in late July to fully consummate my lifelong love of The World.

I give my deepest thanks and love to everyone I have known in Chicago. It’s been a wonderful 27 Years!!!

But the same irresistible forces that impelled me to move here in 1987 on the strength of three months of Stand-Up Comedy Club Bookings are calling me to bring what Chicago has given me and taught me to the People Of Earth.

I am filled with equal parts Joy and Terror as I begin to take Life Inventory over the next two months and prepare for this next chapter in my Story.

I can only hope it will be as Epic as the one that is now coming to an end…