This poster used for the international theatrical release of The Unborn demonstrates how integral to the plot it was to have Odette Yustman be in her underwear.

This poster, used for the international theatrical release of The Unborn, illustrates how integral to the plot it was for Odette Yustman to be in her underwear.

Some salient info that I didn’t want to bury at the end of the previous manifesto (things got very bloggy there, please pardon me):

Veteran Chicago Special Effects Coordinator John Milinac, who I interviewed and featured in Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition, encouraged me to catch The Unborn when it was in theaters last Winter. John was the SE Coordinator on the film, and he discussed how intense and freaky some of the effects were, and that it really should be seen on the big screen. Unfortunately, I was too busy finishing the manuscript to spare the time.

After catching it on DVD last week, I contacted John to discuss how he and his crew pulled off some of the effects, but he was too busy to chat, as he is finishing up work on the remake of Nightmare On Elm Street (which wraps next week). So we made arrangements to talk about The Unborn (and the various tricks and illusions he employed) once he has a bit of time. [I’ll also see what he can tell us about Nightmare On Elm Street.]

So here is what I propose, Gentle Reader: If you wish, you can rent The Unborn and view it sometime in the next week or so; then come back here and discover how the major mechanical effects were actualized by John and his crew.

Keep in mind that the Special Effects Coordinator is in charge of the physical effects that happen in front of the camera, so he won’t have much insight into any CGI or other visual effects done in post-production. He’s also responsible for general physical effects like running water, fireplaces, appliances and the like; so on the off chance you have any questions about how he made the shower run or anything exciting like that…feel free to leave your query in the comments section. [Oh the wonders of Internet 2.0!!!].

BTW- The Unborn was shot mostly in Lake Forest and the northern ‘burbs; although there is one brief exterior scene Downtown on Wacker Drive (across from the Christian Science Temple), another interior scene in what looks to be the Aon Tower, and the Harlo Grill in Melrose Park also has a brief cameo (looking absolutely gorgeous). And (of course) the mandatory awe inspiring overhead shots of the lakefront and the Chicago river.

I ended up watching both the theatrical version and the “unrated” version, and the only “extra” footage seemed to be about 2.5 seconds of relatively chaste (albeit well executed) simulated sex betwixt the protaganist and her hunky beau. Apparently by “unrated” they mean “not quite PG-13 anymore.” So don’t be expecting some bonus Veerhoevenesqe (Veerhoevian? Veerhoevarian?) orgy of demonic lust and violence.