Attention Night Owls and Children of The Darkness:

I will appearing on WGN Radio 720 at 3 AM CDT tonight. That’s 3 AM CDT Sunday, September, 1.


Host Matt Bubala and I will be discussing Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition and Chicago Film, my life as a Chicago Tour Guide, my extreme obsession with the Columbian Exposition Of 1893, and whatever else that comes up during what should be a fun and fascinating hour. Drink some extra coffee (or whatever you need) and stay up late and tune in!!!


I am more than a little bit excited at the chance to hold forth at length about things I love.

Hopefully WGN is going to podcast it and make it available on the web for those disloyal wusses who don’t wish to stay up till 4AM. I will endeavor to be so fabulous that they feel compelled to do so!

UPDATE: The appearance was a wonderful time!!! Talking about Chicago, taking calls, answering questions… I felt like a celebrity or something! I will try and get a link to the segment and/or find some way for everyone to hear it.