HOLM 2 Book Cover

The Book Stork brought me a beautiful 3 Pound, 400 Page Trade Paperback today, and it couldn’t be cuter.


I was sitting down to write a couple posts today, when the UPS man rang with my 10 contractually obligated complimentary copies of… you guessed it— HOLLYWOOD ON LAKE MICHIGAN, 2ND EDITION, BABY!!!!!!!

If you thought that Booklist review got me Verklempt; I spent 3 hours sitting on my back porch gently cradling it in my hands, cooing over it, and getting weepy at times. Up until now, the whole thing has been just a really big WORD document and the project has felt like a gigantic term paper. But today sitting on that couch on the porch, it finally was no longer an abstract concept or this albatross like thing I bored my friends and family talking about but a BOOK— and a pretty awesome one at that— looking even better in reality than in my wildest Trade Paperback Dreams(TM).

Chicago Review Press did such a great job on it; from the layout to the quality of the printing and images all the way to how well the text reads due to those innumerable editing, fact checking, and proofreading sessions. All those questions and corrections to review, some which made me want to pull my hair and scream “Who the hell cares?!?!,” were worth every second of excruciating exactitude (and petulant whining) on my part. I give great thanks to Devon Freeny and his army of fact checkers and legions of lexicographic legerdemain practitioners; Cynthia Sherry for her work on the manuscript and for rescuing this project from limbo last year; and to Mary Kravenas and Josh Williams for their marketing and publicity expertise.

And of course, Arnie Bernstein for writing a brilliant book for me to draft off of and Sharon Woodhouse at Lake Claremont for bringing me on board this project in the first place.

In another few weeks, everyone will be able to see my pretty new baby!!!