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I’ll never forget the car ride home from Jay’s ill fated election party in 2016.

Margaret and Bill were giving me a ride and we were all absolutely stunned and devastated. We each kept chiming in with some horrible calamity that would likely occur in the next four years (incompetent disaster responses, lawless cronies running amok, bigots and white supremacists empowered to create mayhem, environmental laws gutted, etc etc etc).

How would America survive this?

And pretty much everything on that list happened, even the part about him refusing to leave after losing in 2020.

But now we are rid of him and his horrible regime.

All the lives that have been lost from Covid and all the millions of others who’ve suffered needlessly (from the pandemic and from all the other calamities brought upon us) must be remembered forever as we methodically and resolutely work to bring justice to those who caused this horror show.

It is time to rebuild our society and fulfill our destiny as human beings. We can either move on to the next phase of evolution and create paradise on earth— or perish in the flames of greed, hatred, superstition, and ignorance.

I vote for paradise on earth…

It will take several days for this to sink in.

It’s like grief in reverse!