Was First Revealed To Us Through Dreams

I once sat down to write a lecture about how the equations of quantum physics graphed out corresponded to ancient designs, but it came out as a visionary performance poem.


Sacred Geometry, you see, is a bit of a redundancy.

Mathematics, the language of the universe, held sacred from its discovery.

The holy parabolas, ethereal arcs, celestial sine waves, and assorted sundry sanctified shapes

that comprise the entire Euclidean catechism

are prayers to

—- that which is—–.

Pythagoras the priest knew that it all was just one song—

the arc, the integer, the holy hedron, the baby, the frog, the mountain, the dog, and the shifting swirling dancing cosmos—

a series of sacred equations describing the whole of creation

the music of the rectangle

the poem that is a triangle

songs made of symbols were his prayers

a + b + c = 160 degrees

a x a plus b x b = c x c

All the Holy patterns of antiquity

The Celts The Maya The Rishis

All drew designs illustrating they divined

the principles of Chaos Theory

At least that’s what we call it– as if we were the very first to see

the constructions of infinity

A mandala— The Book of Kells

both demonstrate extremely well

their understanding

Twirling Whirls, loops and knots interweaving like a visual dactyl

Millennia before Mandelbrot ever fabricated a fractal

And The One Mantra that describes it all, like a clarion call

Similar patterns repeating on an infinite scale.

Similar patterns repeating on an infinite scale

Similar patterns repeating on an infinite scale

Like the snake eating its tail

or a labyrinth leading into itself

the infinity sign

was a design paradigm long before Escher’s salamanders ever escaped their paper prison,

before protons smashed together in a ring

electrons dancing around a nucleus, like a conch shell’s concave contours,

like a doll nestled inside a doll inside a doll inside a doll

an arc within an arc, a ring within a ring within a ring,

the inherent structure of everything

ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny

Say what?

I’ll explain

the development of a human is a repetition of evolution

we start as strands of protein floating in a sea

that fuse into a single cell

which divides, divides and deviates to form more complex creatures

we got gills for a while even a tail

                 OH LORD!!!

similar patterns repeating on an infinite scale

like a particle accelerator and a henge

like a neuron and a wire

like a cumulous cloud and a galaxy

like ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny

Not some silly homunculus

But something much more wondrous

We are the ultimate manifestation

of creation’s desire for self revelation

we are the acme of organic perception

our inventions continuing life’s unfolding direction

eternally expanding patterns of electricity

particles or waves

depending how you measure them

sparks of light ourselves we are

encased in the amber of matter

four proteins repeating in a double gyre

Carbon and Water Fused In Fire